Dirt Cupcakes

Dirt Cupcakes

Tasked with a Halloween cupcake bake sale I’m perusing websites looking for ideas. . . there are so many cute ones out there, which can take a lot of time and with ingredients I just can’t find around here (without a lot of effort or money, anyway) Reese Pieces? Uh no. Candy corns? Um. . .an arm & a leg at the American Store. . . I even saw adorable skeleton cupcakes using twisted pretzels for the ribs and a flattened marshmallow for the face. (Mine would end up looking like stick men – no pretzel twists around here!) Then a light flashed in my head – oreos and gummies are in every store around here! (Belgians LOVE their gummies – even at the movie theater & concerts they have gummy bars) I used my Wacky Cake & frosting recipes then added the toppings. Grossly lekker.

Haribo bar at a concert
Haribo bar at a concert – because “why not?”

Wacky Cake & Frosting recipe
1 sleeve of Oreos
1 package of gummy worms

Follow Wacky Cake & Frosting directions (or for my stateside readers – bust out the box mix and canned frosting – no judgment here). Bake cupcakes and cool.

Twist oreos and scrape frosting from the middles. Crush cookies in a bowl. Frost cupcakes and sprinkle oreos on top. (In Europe added some Hagelslag Dark Chocolate Granules as well, why not? They look like mouse droppings, which is the scariest thing I can think of).


Cut gummy worms in half in the U.S. and add to the top! If you’ve got access to spider rings – you can add those too.

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